Bodhisattva Road Yoga

 Yoga means connection. Yoga is the practice of self study.


WELCOME TO  Yoga with Jude

Our Yoga practice is an art and science to cultivate inquiry, sensitivity, and kindness to ourselves.

Jude Folkard is an inspiring teacher known for her dynamic style of teaching, a keen eye for observation and a depth of knowledge that comes from her years of practice and study.

Jude discovered yoga in her teens. Seeking the meaning in her life and a sense of freedom from daily suffering, she found in yoga calmness of mind, physical wellness, and a strong feeling of emotional stability. Yoga is a vast subject. The philosophy of yoga shows the way to live life with excellent health.

Jude is a certified Yoga teacher and Yoga Practitioner of over 30 years.

My experience of Jude and Iyengar yoga

A student Jans' perspective "From my perspective Jude’s Iyengar classes as like no other yoga classes I have attended.

Jude has a multi-dimensional approach to her classes including:

1.    Her impressive working knowledge of anatomy and physiology in its totality: this enables her to identify through observation, injuries and physical challenges that individuals face and in turn she helps individuals to adapt poses to meet our needs. I trust Jude to instruct me when I need to adjust something in a pose. This trust is really important to me and allows me to feel confident that I am not damaging any part of my body. Her focus on supporting individuals is not something that would necessarily occur in larger classes.

2.    Compassion: Jude makes it very acceptable if we struggle with a full pose and she helps us both as a class and individually, to use props to enable us develop our strength and flexibility. She takes a genuine interest in people’s health and well begin.

3.    Challenge: Jude continuously challenges us to go further and I can now take myself to places I never imagined would be possible. I know I have become much stronger as a result. Simultaneously, she encourages us to check our mindset and to integrate breathing with strengthening poses. Jude also continuously encourages us to be aware of integrating the whole body.

As a result, I know I have worked hard at the end of each session but more than that, I arrive home with a sense of wellbeing.

In summary it’s like doing a very active and focussed mediation integrating all part of the body, breathing and mind."